U.K. Lived in the same town for 8 years, no gun crime!

Is this the same for the United States?

haha, lots of people die every day from guns, this topic will get taken down

if I was stuck on an island i’d probably wish I could shoot myself

You aren’t allowed to talk about guns in the USA. It’s a sensitive topic.

We seem to get a lot of stabbings where I am…

If a mentally ill person has a gun. You blame the mental illness not the gun. That’s all I know.

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Exactly, it’s disgusting the way mental illness is more taboo than gun ownership. I could say more but don’t want to contribute to locking this thread.

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I’m sorry, didn’t know this was a sensitive subject. I’ve been watching The first 48 hours on crime +Ive and a lot of people get shot in the program. That made me ask the question.

I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to discuss guns.

But yes, gun violence is a real problem in the US.

I think we’ve had about a dozen school shootings so far this year and it’s only January.

ETA here’s the link:


in the great state of Indiana title of nobility has been constitutional outlawed for over 300 years.

if you try to lord over another person because you think your life has more authority.

you might get shot in self defense…

@bobbilly same here. I am UK based also, no gun crime. But in the UK we use more knives than the US. Which in my opinion is actually more sadistic

No, guns are intertwined in our lives and our national identity. Guns are part of our image, like the image of the old west for example in the 1800’s when cowboys with guns or gunslingers settled their disputes with gun battles and duels.

But it goes back even further than that. “the right to bear arms” is in our Constitution, it 's one of the principles our country was founded on, for better or worse. The U.S. has more guns deaths each year than many of the largest other countries in the world combined. And I don’t see any sign that fact is going to change soon.

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