Typical vs atypical?

Which one is your favorite?

Mine is typicals,
Atypicals change your identity,

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I am on sga atypical…u started taking medicine…!!!

Yes farcry, I take pimozide,

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Ive only been on atypicals, so I dont really have an opinion about typicals.

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Whats is its generic name…???

Pimozide is the generic name and orap is it’s label

Never heard of it…

You can look it up,

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I read about it in a psych paper the other day, didnt know it was so intolerable. Im sorry you have restless legs from it.

No matter, I’m happy with it,

Gosh, I like ALL of you guys whether you’re typical or not! I usually prefer atypical meds but dislike their metabolic effects… I’ve been on typical, too, but they tend to give me uncomfortable akathisia. If I’m in crisis, I usually don’t have much choice as to what the big metal mosquito puts in my arse…

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Maybe theres something you could take for restless legs. I bought something over the counter for it to try when I had akathisia on abilify.

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If they want to put me on a typical again they’re going to have to catch me first. I hate the typicals. Geodon and Seroquel are handling my symptoms fine. There is no reason for them to put me back on a typical.

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I’ve never tried typicals. Closest I’ve been to it was when a doctor suggested sulpiride for my negatives. But I had already tried amisulpride which is the newer cousin of sulpiride, with devastating side effects. So I said “no thanks”.


me too I have never tried typical

I prefer typicals too.

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Pimozide is a typical, it removed me from having two opposite tendencies at the same time, nothing else did it for me,