Types of Vegetarians

At the top you have a semivegetarian where they pretty much avoid anything that is strictly meat. Dairy and eggs are still eaten.

Going down there are pretty much the same except one or two foods are taken out like poultry, dairy, then eggs.

Then you have a typical vegetarian or a ovovegetarian where they only eat plant based products and eggs.

Then vegans who only have plant based products. The issue here is that some things become missing from there diet the more we go down the list. Here we have b12, zinc, iron, and calcium. Above from here, many are missing with the exception of b12.

Then you get to macrobiotic where this is pretty much the MOST extreme example where they only eat rice and water and may add vegetables or soy though the last two are not required. They are for religious reasons in the east and will cause malnutrition and death.

Then there is frutarian where you only eat fruit. That’s right. ONLY fruits. Seeds, nuts, and veggies are optional. You will pretty much die from this as well.


Bellow vegan+b12 there is only madness. :slight_smile:


that made me lol

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I"m a lacto ovo vegetarian. I didn’t know that before.

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I’m the type of vegetarian that eats meat.


You’re the type of vegetarian that gets beaten with a raw turkey leg.


It couldn’t hurt more than the can of cranberry sauce did last year.


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