Two tips in battling with SzA

I am a person with mood disorder and delusion.

By figuring out two aspects (which I am going to share it on here), I am in a much better position in battling with schizoaffective disorder.

1. Be courageous in accepting your true feeling. Even if you are treated unjustly, even if you are a victim of family violence, even if you are ridiculed badly, even if you are discriminated against, please accept your true feeling. Granted, it might have caused hard feeling. Nevertheless, you can vent the feelings or grieve, but please do not keep the hard feeling with you for prolonged period, nor pretend nothing have happened.

2. Be courageous in accepting who you really are. Even though you are ugly, even though you are poor, even though you are nobody, please accept who you really are. You can look for ways to improve yourself, but please do not reject your true identity.

biggrin.gif I am not fully recover yet, but doctor says I am in remission.


Life is a journey and glad your in a positive frame of mind. Makes a big difference.

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Thank you for your kind words. Sending warm vibes to Australia… :heart_eyes:

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Good points.

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courage is a strong message, thank you

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