Two things

  1. my clinical psychologist warned me that because of all my gains ( my symtoms are decreasing dramaticaly ) that i might have a relapse…but i don’t think so , i feel i am getting better…and it is permanent.

  2. she was talking about imagination and how we tell our children…lies.
    she said the truth is…
    that father christmas does not exist ?
    that the tooth fairy does not exist ?
    that all these magical creatures that we tell our children about don’t exist ?

needless to say she is now locked up in the death star untill she takes all those wicked untruths back…!?!

take care from :alien: and the :bug: the :dog: and darth bunny :rabbit: (which are all real…so there !?! )

dark sith steps into his wardrobe and goes back to Narnia.


I`m with you!
And what is that little caterpillar thingy? Cute!**


it’s my new pet, i call it ’ bug '…you can tell i thought alot about the name !?!
but yes it is a caterpillar.
soon it will become ’ darth bug '…lol
take care :alien:


I wanna go searching for Loch Ness…anyone with me?


i am moving to scotland maybe next year…
i am searching for the wee beastie when i get over there, if i see nessie i will let you know…
i will do a selfie…!?!
take care :alien:


lol, cool. sounds fine by me :star: here’s some good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


i think shes just trying to guide you toward the most rational way of thinking, to help prevent any relapse,

im sure she means well.

she probably secretly still puts milk and cookies out for santa :wink:


I am mr tumnus I have gone to the back of the wardrobe to shout YOU CAN DO IT!.
even if you fall on you woody floor you will get back up again!


I know right?! I want my kids to be schizophrenic and believe that satan and God exist. What are these clinical psychologists doing?!


We have to check for it.