Two schizophrenics walk into a bar


Haha. I once went through a drive thru and didnt remember going through it when i was like 19. about the only time i did that.

I heard that joke from a comedy sketch somewhere


Loool that was a pretty good one


love those kinds of stories


young man has bright light bulb ideas in his head, says,

until I’m burnt out.

Young woman goes to the grocery store often, says,

I’m pro-choice.

Older rich man takes up golf, says,

I used to have a driver.

Older woman has no garden and likes her long hair, says,

it’s the only thing I can grow.

Girlfriend of a banker says,

didn’t know I’d have to cash in all my dreams.

Housewife hates to dust, says,

I never knew it’d be this bad to settle down.


And they lived happily ever after. Amen.


What do you call a light conspiracy?

illuminati :smile:

i actually made this one up yesterday randomly cuz my mom put new lightbulbs in :blush:


Waiter !!! What’s that fly doing in my soup !!??

Uhh looks like the back stroke to me.


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Sticks who?

I’m just going down to the bottom of the garden to get some sticks for the fire, dear!


Two schizophrenics walk into a bar. ‘Ouch!’ one said. ‘Who left that bloody bar there!?’