Two schizophrenics have a baby

What would the baby be like lol

Humble, with a higher chance of schizophrenic than your normie-normie baby


50% chance of having the illness

I would love to live with a scz girl

would not love the vasectomy, I heard those are painful

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36% according to this very website.

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as they say, you never know until you try it lmao

I am sz and when I told my dh, he said he is schizotypal and hears voices occasionally. Don’t know if he was trying to be nice or truth - but you gotta love that.
We have a dd together and I watch out for symptoms as she is getting older. My son from my 1st marriage is norm so far and he is 23 this yr.

My mom didn’t have sz just severe paranoia. My dad was DID. I have some relatives on my mom side that are sz though.

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says this at the top

Disclaimer: No information given here is meant
to replace consultations with, nor diagnoses by, medical professionals.
It is NOT to be construed as medical advice.

textbooks a little more reliable


Wow, seriously 50%. That’s rough.

really it sounds like the first line of a good joke…

Macho is jogging home from a vasectomy!

Seriously, I’m glad I had the surgery.


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Yes. My daughter turned out SZ with two parents with bad genes. We should never have had children. She committed suicide in a mental hospital. It was irresponsible and thoughtless on our part to have had children. We knew the 50% thing too because we had had genetic counseling.

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I’m Sz and my wife has sleep terrors. So far my daughters are fine…straight ‘A’ students and well-adjusted.

Keeping our fingers crossed.


My pdoc said that our chances is %5 to have sz of our baby

Two schizophrenics have a baby,
One says to the other, “which one of you does it act like?”

Yes, I’m the only one with schizophrenia but I live with the terror of having passed on my illness to my children. I didn’t have schizophrenia when I had them.

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There babies would be like seed of chucky

I don’t worry about it, just watch for symptoms - both my children have the visual perception issues they say are common among families of schizophrenia.

I am trying to prepare my dd how to deal with it if it happens - like dancing in the dark with her so she isn’t afraid of the dark - always trying to explain noises and such factually without my fear so she doesn’t get the thoughts i have about it. Little things that I think will help her cope - we also limit her tv to just child or family and I watch everything first to make sure there aren’t any trigger topics.

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He’ll takes afte his father. He likes to drink hard and chase women.

I think easy-j is trying to make a joke here. I think he thinks schizophrenics are jokes.

Can you explain why you say that?