Two quick questions please

  1. How to pull myself to go to the gym or do any form of exercise? I’m very fat and need to exercise to feel better and look good in meetings. But I don’t have energy or motivation to do anything strenuous or even follow my diet…

  2. For Single Men: How often do you masturbate per week? I’m getting old and seems my sexual performance isn’t like it was in my early 20s. So how often should you do it to stay healthy? I know excessive masturbation (3 - 5 times per day) is bad

  1. Start walking. If you get your shoes on and you get outside your front door, it totally counts as a walk. For some reason even the simplest tasks seem impossible when we think about the whole thing. So don’t think about the whole thing. Put your shoes on and step outside, then you can mark it off as done. If you feel like walking down to the street, do it. If you feel like walking to the corner, do it. If you feel like walking down the next block but probably no further, do it. Turn around whenever you feel like it, because anything beyond standing outside your door in your walking shoes is gravy.

  2. Unfortunately, I have no insight or advice on this subject :smile_cat:


Is there a link between schizophrenia and tolerating pain?

Perhaps that’s why I can’t handle working out?

I agree with Rhubot about simply putting on your walking shoes. That’s a task itself when you’re unmotivated.

I’m curious about masterbation for women aswell. Seems I have a low sex drive.

I’m not sure about men.

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Well, I didn’t want to write this but to me putting my training clothes and shoes on, doesn’t count as workout. Yes I know it’s a good step, but you haven’t burned calories. I call it a workout when I start sweating and get my heart-rate up.

I also don’t want to wait to get diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease, to start working out. I need to find a solution to motivate me to go to the gym, cause my body fat% is over 40%! I’m a walking hamburger!

The solutions I have are expensive however: 1) Hire a personal trainer. 2) Go to a fitness bootcamp.

Do you think it’s worth the investment just to get rolling in the right track?

  1. Try & put together a better diet. My therapist recommended a diet higher in protein & also b12 supplementation. I burn a lot of calories though sleep, though, so my weight & metabolism has stabilized. I’m fine with my health, just of course wish I had the inertia I had back when I was 22-24. Age decreases our capacity to do a lot of vibrant things.

  2. I’d say once or twice per day. I usually wake up with erotic hallucinations, so once in the morning is quite standard. Sometimes once in the afternoon or evening as well when I really start to get comfortable, mentally & physically.