Two profiles here

Does anyone have two profiles here?

Ive seen it many times on other sites

On avatar forums they call those mules.
But mules are against the rules here as far as I know

I thought they were called trolls

IF someone did have two profiles here, why would they admit that? it’s against the rules

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Any idea why they are called mules? I am often curious about the origins of terminology.

It’s against forum rules to have two separate accounts here:
From the forum guidelines:

We want our web community to be a gathering place for sincere, helpful people whose wisdom you can trust. That is why our staff will routinely remove messages that promote false claims of miraculous cures or other untruths. Since trust is so important, we do not allow members posting with 2 separate identities (posing as 2 different individuals). Any member doing this will be banned from our community."


I’ve seen it happen on other sites

only trolls would do it

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okay, but not all websites have the same rules?

It’s because on avatar forums you earn points by posting, and buy items for your avatar with them.
Mule accounts are called that because they are mostly used to get extra sets of the free event items

… So they kinda carry your stuff, like a mule

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most sites it would be against the rules id say

It 100%, completely depends on which websites you are talking about

Facebook is one…and some dating sites

I think I get it. I can be dense sometimes.

I had two FB accounts up until one got hacked.

Hey, no worries. Avatar forums are kind of a niche thing, so I wouldn’t expect people to know unless they used them too

I have multiple accounts on plenty of websites. Not because I’m a troll, but because I’m scatterbrained and can’t remember passwords – thus leading to separate accounts for one website.

once its not against the rules its ok

Are the avatar forums those 3d world things? Or is it something else?

I noticed that jerk pixel had a test account back when he was moderator. I think they should ban him for breaking the rules.