Two Popes, the Nazi and the Communist

Whose idea was that; I tried to tell them it was racist :frowning:

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I don’t know whose idea. My voices like WWII events and they are racist. They call me turkey (because I look like one). They also call me turtle.

The voices are also religious in nature too.

They could be revealing actual knowledge. Mine prophesized about the CIA director, Secretary of State and Speaker if the House and were right.

But mostly they are trying to make me obese and tell me “eat eat eat” and do food thought insertion. It is torture.

I’d really like to know what they are telling you, so feel free to write all about it!

…walk into a bar. The first pope says to the communist, "I always liked Lenin, “Norwegian Wood is my favorite song.”
The Nazi replies, “Is “Hogan’s Heroes” on Netflix? Anyone up for a beer and some binge watching?”

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