Two out of 3 people in the public survey favored the notion that the driver's license of mentally ill people should be revoked

Approximately 3 times more people supported the withdrawal of the right to vote (19.6%)

The general public accepted restrictions toward people with mental illness to a much higher degree,

As expected, the description of schizophrenia showed the highest level of social distance, while there was no difference between the depression and the non-case vignette in any of the professional groups.

The empirical results can contribute to the design of antistigma campaigns, eg, by identifying deficits of certain groups or recognizing pragmatic pathways.

If one is sensitive to questions of stigma and labeling, one might be reluctant to define a person as “mentally ill.” But if this were the case, why did every fourth or fifth professional assign this stigmatizing term to the “normal person"

Our study demonstrates that mental health professionals agree to a much lesser extent than the general public to restrictions of political and individual rights of mentally ill persons

This was pretty depressing, but it was interesting.

It was from March 2006. Wasn’t sure what category to put it in.

Study took place in Europe.


I feel that a mentally ill person should pass the driving test again before being allowed to drive.


You mentioned voting, I’ve thought about that. I’m still in my right mind to vote but if they wanted to they could make an issue of it.

Driver’s license? Have these people seen how sane people drive when there are no cops around?


Only a couple of years for driverless cars, so that is a plus…



I actually passed my driving test 2 years ago, i was stable since 2010 and i asked my drs permission and it was ok, i dont think folk should have to retake their test but their dr should decide whether someone is mentally fit, capable to drive.

if you have a relapse then your dr will be notified and he/she can revoke your license but it can be renewed again after a period of stability, this is the humane way to do imo.

@labratmat i wouldnt like a driverless car, i couldnt trust it, even my sat nav can mess up so i would be too worried, plus the fact that driving keeps me o my toes (i think) i think driving can sometimes be therapeutic

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I used to drive. It’s a miracle I never had an accident looking back. But I don’t drive anymore. I just don’t have the concentration.

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This made me kind of sad. I know there is lots of stigma, and always felt more stigmatized by psychiatrists than any other person. But still.

Im pissed off that so many people would want me to lose my vote and drivers license. I vote and drive more carefully than most people i know. Most mi people i know are more empathic and thoughtful than the average.

And so many people who would (if i became pregnant) want to kill my unborn child because im MI…that is the most shocking to me…


yeah, Marian. I’ve never missed a vote.

And what’s the sense in paying on my car if I can’t drive it.


if i was in a bad place mentally, i just wouldnt drive anyway, i stopped driving once when i was off meds and i phoned my dr and said i am in my car but i just cant drive,

i wouldnt be able to drive anyway if i had a relapse, luckily that time it was sort term blip but i know when i can and cant drive lol

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This is shocking. Most people who are mentally ill aren’t also disabled. What, so I should lose my right to drive and vote because I had psychotic episodes in the past? Because I’m schizophrenic, I shouldn’t have the right to choose my political leaders? Are we not our own special interest group, apparently having to fight for our rights? How are we supposed to reintegrate into the community if we can’t drive? How are we supposed to get to work, appointments, stores, banks, friend’s homes, family’s homes, etc.? How are we supposed to become independent when no one wants to give us a chance? Oh, and then these same people will want to make cuts to disability payments and medicare and sh-it. Ugh, people get on my nerves sometimes.


I’m a registered voter and own a drivers license and car.

I’m sure that many people would love to see me institutionalized if they had it there way.


I dont drive but this hurts me to see. I vote with a sound mind


I also stand up for the native people no pipelines


You are not only standing for the native Indians, you stand for humanity. A common people against the notion of exploitation.

I have a red and black heart. :wink:


I’ve had my driver’s license since I was 16 and have been driving for more than 15 years after my diagnosis. Revoking a mentally ill person’s license must be based on merit and not the fact they have psychiatric issues.


Not sure how to respond to this. I mean. It’s not that we are blind but if we were we could get a seeing-eye car. Not trying to make a joke but just saying that most people are capable of adapting to a degree no matter their physical or mental impairment. We just need a line drawn under our name and not through it. Imfuo.


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I drive a one ton truck that tows 25 foot trailers around, have been doing so for years and I have never had a ticket or accident, it speaks for itself


Ive really been thinking about this. The abortion thing that 29% support is genuinely troubling me.

My child is so happy, so content with his life. He told me recently that he gives his life a 9.7 out of 10 for happiness and he thinks our family is perfect. We are certainly not, but the kid is obviously happy to be alive. He is smart, kind and creative. According to those ■■■■■■■ creeps he should not exist though, because his mum is mentally ill. How scary is that?

I hate it if people see themselves as better than MI people. Everybody can become mentally ill, by bad luck or bad circumstances or whatever.



Im not worried about it, its a 12 year old article from europe.