Two months off antipsychotics

my first psychosis was like that, esp because people around me did not know what was happening to me.
Cosmic joke. =(

the second time was more funny. Worst were the racing thoughts. I guess I am only doing well is because I am on this injection.

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Have you ever been on 10mg pills?

no. the doc wanted to increase to 10 I tried for 2 -3 days just the side effects were horrible.
But I used to eat so much on 5 mg and wanted to gamble. (i do not have this on the :syringe:

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Oh geez. Well it sounds like the injection is suiting you much better.

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I used to gamble on sports a good amount (nothing crazy, but id put $50 down and blow it all, sooner or later). I’m on abilify and I quit gambling a while ago.

I do not enjoy going to the casino even anymore.

I have a couple internet friends who are big time gamblers. One spends $1000 a night on daily fantasy sports which is a form of gambling. He tells me when he wins but doesn’t tell me when he loses. That’s the case with all the gamblers. But I believe this one guy probably breaks even for the most part. The other one spends his allowance on gambling and always loses. Gambling is a bad addiction, my mom’s dad was an addicted gambler and my mom grew up in poverty because of it, she told me the psychology behind gambling addiction and it was pretty sad.

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yeah just sad. =( I only wanna survive and be comfortable I guess and just be middle class normal person. I do not play lottery

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My mom says it has nothing to do with money. She says people with poor social skills gamble because they don’t know how to relate to people so they seek thrill or something… That was her personal view though based on her dad.

I mean look at Floyd Mayweather (rich rich rich billionaire boxer) he’s an addicted gambler. And Michael Jordan too (richest basketball player of all time)

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Maybe the lottery has more to do with money though than other forms of gambling!

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I spend the equivalent of $20 a month on the lottery. I tried to stop but I’m still doing it.

Three months without antipsychotics here, and i feel better.

Usually there is a honeymoon phase where you feel better off meds then relapse 6 months later and end up worse.


Too many years taking meds with numerous hurting secondary effects and nothing good.
Same with the psychiatrists, they have mistreated me without reason, they just have aggravate my symptoms of untrusting about people. More than 2 years without pdocs and i will never come back to their hospitals.

Hopefully not if I do have bipolar. I’m on moodstabaliser so not completely off meds

I have tried repeatedly to wean off my meds and EVERy time i had to go back on them. i ve been diagnosed since 21 yrs ago in 1996. 49 years altogether of generalized misery and poverty. meds are not a cure all for me but keep me out of the luney bin-and jail.


i’m on a much higher dose on my meds so when I went without for like two weeks because my in laws refused to take me or my partner to go get them, I was horrible mess. I hope everything works out for you @anon80629714

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