Two months off antipsychotics

And I can’t really tell the difference


When you were on APs did you get increased appetite? If so has this reduced since coming off them?

You were never on an antipsychotic. You were always on less than 10mg of abilify and it doesn’t act as an antipsychotic at that dose.

So far so good @anon80629714.
Maybe all you need is a mood stabilizer.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

@everhopeful really? I was on 5 mg of Abilify too for two years but it ended in a relapse.

I mean I was fine for 2 years?

@anon80629714 wish you good health!!! Hope you are feeling good?

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I don’t buy the 5 mg abilify not having any anti-psychotic properties. Sure I’m on 10 mg…but in conjuction with naltrexone (which has anti-psychotic properties for me) I believe I could definitely go down to 5 mg…I mean I couldn’t go off it completely but I think I could cut the dose in half. It’s an anti-psychotic so maybe it’s recommended for schizophrenics to take at least 10 mg, but I still believe it has properties of anti-psychotics at 5 mg.


TBH Abilify never increased my apitite. I think I’m overweight partly due to pcos and partly to diet.

Although I was on 5mg I was also talking tegretol with it lowering the Abilify even more. Cos the tegretol reduces the amount of Abilify.

I wasn’t meaning it to sound like I was saying you were overweight. Sorry. Your totally not overweight anyway. I was just wanting to know if coming off APs reduces appetite.

I am so nauseous on Abilify injection. I rarely eat, just very small snacks and do not crave food at all.

Anyway, wish you the best Ish!!! Hope you are well :smiley:

Yeah I feel fine @MsBuddha. Had some job stress but it’s lessened a bit as I get used to the job.

lol I’m in the obese category actually … I’m not offended at all :slight_smile: I’m comfortable at the weight I am I wouldn’t mind being a little healthier but I’m not unhappy with how I am.

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I was on 5 mg of Abilify too for two years but it ended in a relapse.

That’s what happens when you’re not on an antipsychotic!

5mg of abilify is just an addon to an antidepressant.
10mg and up is an antipsychotic.

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yeah but if I can survive on a 5 mg ATP I can maybe go off it too

What if you find this magical drug called naltrexone that magically works better as an off label anti-psychotic at it’s minimum dose than abilify at 25 mg ever did!!! And it also helps your depression and anxiety and substance abuse. And then you take abilify 5 mg as well because that’s the little extra boost/balance that you need :wink: Not that you’re gonna try 5 mg any time soon…you’re content at 10 mg because your doctor might get mad if you ask to split the dose in half…but it really is a magical drug…even though it supposedly doesn’t do this magic for everybody…

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I was off meds for 2 years then had a relapse. You were on 5mg which is the same as being off meds and you had a relapse too. If you had a relapse you need meds.

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2 years without meds is like being out of prison in my butterfly mind. It’s okay. I guess the negative symptoms and depression will not go away. 2 years without meds sounds too good. ^^

Looking back it was horrible. I was barely coping. But I found out the hard way that I need meds.

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I think 5 mg has some antipsychotic properties, just not as much as a higher dose. Besides it is in the atypical AP class of drugs.

Some people may not relapse.


I think 5 mg has some antipsychotic properties,

Nope. None. It has antidepressant properties though.