Two hour commute to drive home after work today

Mostly through bumper to bumper traffic. IDK, maybe I learned something from it, I’m not sure.


i hate traffic slow. I’m glad you are out of your car finally…sheesh.


Is it like that every day?

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Yeah, the police and the fire department had blocked off a large area around the whole downtown. I
am talking about blocks and blocks including the big main street that I take to get home from work usually.

I didn’t know why it was blocked off but my guess was that it had something to do with Cinco De Mayo which is a huge celebration here because this city’s population is predominantly Hispanic. But it took me about 40 minutes from work to get into my city which is typical. Usually, once I get into the city, it takes about 20 minutes to park and get home. But today it took an hour to get home on city streets.

I had to make a HUGE detour to get home. So I wasn’t sure what the occasion was so when I was on a city street and I was stopped and the traffic going the opposite way was stopped, I leaned out my car window and asked some guy in his truck who was going the opposite way why the streets were closed. He told me they were preparing for a parade. I thanked him. (I actually thought this was pretty cool asking that guy). Anyways, I just finished dinner and I’m winding down and relaxing. I’m going to give my roommate a few bucks to walk to the store and get me something to drink because I’m dead tired and I need to rest.

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It may have been for the May Day March

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Hi @Moonbeam.
As @SurprisedJ used to say, “Thanks for that” . Yeah, it had to be the march. I can’t imagine them shutting down such a busy large area four days ahead of time. So it must be the march.

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