Two guys made a fire in the edge of the field

And are shooting off firecrackers. I said “just don’t burn down the forest, and I won’t tell anyone”. And the guy was completely rude to me. “Who the hell are you?” I’m an environmentalist. I really hope they don’t burn down the forest I walk through every day…two drunk idiots. Probably on their tenth beer…4th of July is dangerous


Police are here to the rescue!


Yeah, we have a lot of idiots illegally lighting off fireworks too. California is dry as a tinderbox. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that none of these idiots sets the dry vegetation on fire.

A few years ago someone set the fields on fire adjacent to my neighborhood, two days in a row. It was some neighborhood kids setting off fireworks. They didn’t get caught the first day so they came back the next day and set the field on fire again and were luckily caught the 2nd time.

Also, another story about fireworks—There is a trail that runs along a creek near my house with a park bench next to it. One year a few days before the 4th ofJuly, there was a woman sitting motionless on the bench for hours, so I finally called the police to do a welfare check on her. Right as the police were on the trail speaking with the woman, one of my neighbors chose that moment to shoot off a firework from their backyard up over the fence close to where the police were standing Imagine my neighbor’s surprise when the police ran over to their house and caught them redhanded with illegal fireworks.


A friend of a friend lost an eye when another guy shot a bottle rocket at him. Fireworks are dangerous.

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Make sure they didn’t follow where you live. They might think YOU ratted them out to the Cops.


This was years ago. Even these not-so-bright neighbors must have realized that the cops were already there for unrelated reasons, because they responded in less than 30 seconds and this was the first firework that the neighbors had set off that year. :smile:

EDIT: Laughing in a curmudgeonly way.

As a card carrying curmudgeon, I approve this thread.



I think @Patrick was referring to @turningthepage, unless I got mixed up somewhere.

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I called my parents and got them to pick me up and drive me home for this reason…I avoided the situation.


Our town did it yesterday lol…but they stilll doing it. Today…

Dumb drunk idiots are my job security. But I’ll be damned if they don’t piss me off.

@fractaleyes What job do you do?

Optometrists say there are a lot of eye injuries due to fireworks.

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I’m a wildland firefighter in good ol’ CO


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