<(TW)~<.>.<.>.<.>~The Looking Glass~<.>.<.>.<.>~(TW)>





The Mysteries Of The Land Of The Living.


The Mysteries Of The Land Of The Dead.

To Some…, Thus Is All There Is. There Is No Afterlife. There Is No TBC.

To Some…, There Is Another Chapter In Our Story. Only No Eye’s On Earth See It.

I Kinda Wonder About All Thus Sometimes And Seek The Divisional Lines And Try To Blur Them.

For Example, Back In The 50’s, American Neighborhood’s Would Greet Each Other Accordingly.

And Such And So Forth. ‘Nice To Meet You, Here’s A Cake For Your Family, We’re So & So’.

Welcome To The Neighborhood.

It Seems That If You Believe In Life After Death. Then, Of Course, There Are No Witnesses Here On Earth To Study Your Story. Unless You Believe In Ghosts. Then Of Course, There Are Ouija Boards, And Tarot Cards, And Astrology, Greek Mythology, And Even Philosophers.

But!, There Is Still A Solid Division. No One Can Wear A Pair Of Future Glasses That Uncovers The Realm Of The Dead. Like Some Theater Curtain Raised For The Audience. To See Into That ‘Night Of The Living Dead’. Colorized Like ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ of Course.

Not Yet!.


What’s the Point Of All of Thus?.

In The 50’s, Neighborhood’s Were Closer Together In A Sense. More Eye’s. Metaphorically Shorter Fences. Now We All Are Behind Thick Walls Physically. But!, In A Tighter, More Connected Community Within Technology. More Witnesses & Neighbors If We Choose.

Slightly Confusing. Long Ago, More Physical. Now, More Technological.

Which Is Closer, More Productive, More Important, More Useful And Or Meaningful?.

Is There Some Sort Of Key In All Thus That Can Help Us Speak With The Dead In A more Clear And Concise Manner?. A More Connective Way Perhaps. Where One Day We Will See It All. Of What Is Beyond Life?. Or Does It All Continue To Seek For Riches Instead Of Truth?.

The End Of One’s Book In Life Here On Earth. Leads To Many Different Speculations.


Some Quick With Religion. HEAVEN or HELL.


What If The Answer Rest’s In Your Heart?. (Whatever You Want It To Be, It Becomes).

What If The Answers Rest’s Only In The Future?. (Soon To Be Discovered).

What If The Answer Has Already Been Spoken?. (Seek And You Shall Find).

The Mirror Is An Odd Sight To Behold. The Looking Glass.

How Is It Possible To See A Reflection?.

With Eye’s, Yes. With The Mind, Yes. To See What Stand’s Behind Your Shape As You Peer Into It’s Personal Truth. But!, When You Look At Yourself, Your Friends, Family, And Loved Ones See You Differently. How Is That Possible?. What Is Truth?. What Agrees & Disagrees?.

N e Hoo. . .

As You Either Ignore All That Has Been Said, , ,

Here;s A Book To Read.

It May Clear A Few Thing’s Up As You Wait For The Next Thing To Be Said.

As You Peer Into The Looking Glass Of The Living. . .

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :smile:

Not the place to discuss your version of spirituality. Life and death and all that.