TW possible suicide

I have an acquaintance who told me Thursday she was thinking about suicide, but didn’t have a plan to do it. I haven’t heard from her since. I only have her first name and her cell phone number. I’m going to call the police for a well check, but I don’t know her last name or address. She’s come to my house before lots of times, but I’ve never gone to hers. We met online. The last time she was upset, I checked up on her the next day and she got upset with me and told me she didn’t want me doing that. So this time, I waited a couple days first. Now I feel responsible.

It’s natural to check up on people if you care. You’ve done the right thing as far as I’m concerned, but there’s only so much you can do. And that can be hard to accept.

People are mostly in command of their own fate. We can try to nudge them in the right direction, but ultimatley it’s their own choice what they wish to do.

I would try not to worry. You have done what you can. Hopefully she has family or close friends that checks up on her.


You are not responsible for what she does. Her actions are hers alone.

You have done what was right and in fact, she’s even taken it as problematic. That says a lot about her as a person. (You can day she maybe acting unnormal for herself but when you think of what you’re like as a suicidal person- it’s rare you’d act that way imo)

Just hope. And then I’m sure you’ll be best served to maintain whatever professional distance you already have.

Be sure to reach out to others though, Like your own care team if you are being affected by this situation.

Your mental health>others because you have control of yourself and not others.

Stay safe!


My son’s senior year of High School he had a good friend that was talking to him about girl problems and general depression. The boy ended up shooting himself. My son felt a sense of responsibility because he didn’t help more. In the end a person who takes their own life is the only responsible one. It’s no one else’s fault.


It turns out she’s ok, just really down. I invited her over to watch a comedy. She’s coming Thursday. I’m so relieved!


I befriended a woman before I got sick that was suicidal…I tried to encourage her to see better in life and she broke contact with me…later I found out she killed herself…I tried…don’t think it’s your fault if she kills herself…some people can’t be saved.

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I really hope she doesn’t kill herself. But she has no friends other than me. She has my two friends as acquaintances. She has no family except her estranged adult son who won’t speak to her. So, she’s in a bad spot and I understand she’s overwhelmed with insecurity, loneliness and sadness. I’ll do my best to reach out to her

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