TW I went undercover to expose abuse at a mental health hospital

I don’t know if any UK folks watched this last night on TV, but I had to turn it off

Too many bad memories, but this place, jeez. I feel so sorry for the patients and families

Hope the staff get prosecuted for treating MH patients with such contempt.


Watching it later when im fully awake - cos it will trigger me more than likely.

Yet another reason why i wont go anywhere near a hospital setting, unless im literally dying lol. I always manage to con them that i recover better at home anyway lol.

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I’ve seen clips. It’s beyond awful. Sadly it’s not an isolated or new thing. I can remember in the late 1970s and 1980s seeing psych nurses mocking and taking the pee out of people with dementia.

I only read the first couple of paragraphs since it’s such a long article, but I didn’t like it either being in a psychiatric hospital. Luckily it is long ago and starts to feel like a faint memory.

I was a target of being threatened by a psychiatric war staff target. Nurses war mongered that I wont be discharged and one guarf openly threatened to punch me

I know there is probably abuse in the system today, but my god, in the past it was horrific. Electroshock was widely used, and they didn’t know how to ameliorate the bad effects back then. Most patients dreaded getting electroshock. Then there were the frontal lobotomies, and the med’s were pretty much torture. In Russia they still torture mental patients with Haldol today. I see the field of psychology as roughly analogous to the state of general medicine in the early twentieth century. It has a long way to go.

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