TW! Can Somebody Answer this Question for Me Please

When I was at one of my Psychiatrists visits we talked about my suicide attempt back in 2012. She asked me if I had a plan in place at that time.

What does it say about us if we have a plan or if it is a spur of the moment decision. Can anyone explain this to me please.

If you have a Plan they must hospitalize you. At least here in America. They ask u if you have a plan. If you say “no I just think about suicide a bit” they can’t hospitalize you So easily but if you say yes they must.

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I have always had a plan, the same plan for the most part, and they don’t always hospitalize me. They gauge my state of mind to see how serious the threat is at the time. I’ve been hospitalized 9 times but I’ve been suicidal dozens and dozens of times. I honestly don’t know how they make that judgement, but I wouldn’t want their job.


This isn’t necessarily true. They ask if you have a plan because people with plans are more likely to follow through on those plans. But you can have a plan and still not get hospitalized. It really depends on whether you seem likely to follow through with it.


Have your suicidal thoughts lessened since moving @Leaf?

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Yes, very much so

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It’s amazing what a change in our environment can do for our mental health. You are always sounding so positive. :blush:

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