TV + Movie Thread #1

I watch Green Street Hooligans about once a month lol. Don’t ask me why

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If anyone appreciates crude + goofy as a combo, check The Big Lez Show on YouTube. It reminds me of some of the stuff that used to be on Adult Swim.

I’ll check it out.

I love the old Adult Swim stuff.

Reminds me of high school/college.

Do you remember Metalocalypse?

Obviously from my avatar, that was my favorite show.

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I think I’m gonna watch a horror movie tomorrow to test if I will be comfortable watching that genre again.

I have no problem with Freddy vs Jason or Friday the 13th, but stuff that is more cerebral has given me bad anxiety before. Gonna try something like that. If you have any recs let me know :grinning:

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I’ve seen some clips of it, the voice acting always makes me lol

Tim and Eric defined my humor for years. Still love em :grinning:. I think Adult Swim has a lot of great stuff in their archive.

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My sister works in film and has met Tim Heidecker several times.

She says he’s super nice and an appreciative guy.

I like hearing that.


Saw the first 15 minutes of the Netflix show Wednesday and had to turn it off.
It wasn’t my cup of tea.
More geared for younger adults and teens.

I don’t know why it’s so popular.

Silly show


I agree.

Christina Ricci is the only Wednesday for me.



@Wave @Charles_Foster

I probably prefer her Wednesday as well. The new one is still a pretty decent show, IMO. Better than most of the garbage that is streaming nowadays anyway.


Love horror but some makes me paranoid to the point where I want to walk around with a knife, and I’m just afraid Id go all stabby stabby on somebody by accident.

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if you can afford to buy the dvd, buy “Roadie”…it stars Meat Loaf, Alice Cooper, Blondie, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams Jr. , Art Carney and Gaylord Sartain, an unknown comic genius…lives in Tulsa…this movie was the director’s atttempt at another “Rocky Horror Picture Show” but it was a flop at the box office.
“Cool Hand Luke” with Paul Newman is such a good , sad, film…I watch it when I want to cry.
“Army of Darkness”…sequel to Evil Dead but the other Evil Dead movies are too gorey for me…love this film…it’s a comedy.
“Paris Trout” is another film you have to buy to watch…but what a movie.
“Barfly” starring Mickey R’ourke is such a good film his other movie “Angelheart” is really good too, again, you have to buy these to watch them,

Same here. I think Jenna Ortega is a pretty decent actress, but that show just doesn’t do it for me. Watched episode 1, then stopped.


Ive been watching ”Derry girls” on netflix latest
Its a British teen sitcom.
Its silly haha.


Just give some Bachelor and I’ll be quiet! Lol

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I think I watched two episodes. I also thought it was for teens.

I like The Conjuring movies. My favorite is the first. I like the third a lot too. A fourth one is supposed to come out next year.


My favorite movie franchise are the Alien movies. Own them all. Including the Alien vs Predator movies.

Currently awaiting episode 2 of the last of us.

Otherwise I’m watching game playthroughs of horror games on YouTube. Lol.

I love anything horror. Grew up on them. Give me slasher, gore, supernatural, zombies, aliens all of that. Lol.


The Last of Us episode 2 airs in 20 minutes - I’m psyched!!

I used to be sooooo much more into tv series and movies and watching, and obsessing over them, and talking about them. But I haven’t in the past year or two.

I did just try to watch Pam & Tommy, and thought it sucked. Got through the first two episodes, then gave up.

I was looking forward to Seb Stan’s performance, but ultimately found it underwhelming.

Now I gotta find something else. I may rewatch the entire Buffy series – I have it on DVD, and it’s my favorite show ever.

I’m also thinking of rewatching Zodiac. Phenomenal film.


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is a great movie.


I was born in the 80s and I love horror movies too. :blush: