TV Commercial Idea

I thought a clever Ad would be a guy sipping on a Mountain Dew soda pop to the backdrop of The Beatle’s ‘Love Love Me Do’ song.

The catch would be ‘Love Love Me Dew’.

I told my buddy this idea and he said it could also work for a Haircutter’s Outlet…‘Love Love Me Do’…as in ‘I love my new Do!’ (my new haircut).

I dunno. I think a little outside the box with this affliction sometimes. If I had a life do-over I’d for sure go into some sort of Advertising.


Love it!

One of the reasons I missed coming on this forum when I was too sick is because you always make me laugh! You’re awesome, your wife is very lucky. :smiley:


Aw shucks, @Shmookitty…thanks for the kind sentiments! :slight_smile:

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That is thinking outside the box, Dude!

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Great idea! You should contact them about it. What I they use it? You could get paid!

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