TV, bloody TV

Whatever I say, think, talk about, dream etc. it’s on the tv. What the hell?

I think your mind is playing a trick on you. If it gets too bad turn the TV off.

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Don’t watch horror movies, they make me paranoid. I can still watch some violence like Narcos Mexico, Money Heist or Pablo Escobar without any symptoms while enjoying it.

It’s not a hallucination, it’s reality.
They say exactly what I say or think.

I don’t watch horror movies. I don’t watch any movies

I was like that when I was off meds or low dosage. Increase your med dosage?

It’s not a hallucination. It’s real

Oh like Coronavirus? It can happen from time to time. That’s just cohencidence and its normal.

Yes, crazy coincidences

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Sound record with a phone to see what they really say

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That’s what an ex psychiatrist had told me.

There are movies and tv programs that contain what I have been thinking. It’s just coincidence. You can drive yourself mad thinking the tv is reading your mind.

Well if that happened to me, I would just think of myself as a powerful TV director. Hee Hee.

Do you hear people around you talk about you, too? Like if you go somewhere are they talking about you?

No, they don’t talk about me

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