Turns out they moved a pyromaniac in our shared supported living house


We had a new person move in. He has previous arson convictions which he openly admitted a few times on visits before he moved in. He had been in a forensic hospital for some years because of the arson/s. I had some concerns because he was an arsonist and would be moving into a shared house with other people. Also he was on a section without taking medication which is strange. I brought this up with management at supported living company main office. Management said ‘‘that was 5 years go people change’’’.

He moved in, 2nd night here without night awake staff a member of staffs car goes up in flames. This is right outside the house literally 3 foot away from the house (this is a terrace/town house) Fire brigade come quickly and puts it out. Every body thinks it was an accident as sometimes cars can catch fire. 8 days later under the exact same circumstances (engine fire, between 1am/2am) another staff members car catches fire. This time very suspicious. Fire brigade comes out again and puts out the fire.

I go downstairs, the new person is running around very excited, opened the blinds fully and seemed very elated as car was burning.

Police come and interview me and my housemate plus new person. I told them I was awake in bed. I looked at my iPad to see time as if it was early I was going to get up and start the day. Notice it was just after 1am so I got back into bed. Told them I heard the front door open just after checking iPad but didn’t hear it close (my bedroom is above front door) A little while later I hear a loud whoosh and open my eyes and my front window looked like there was a massive fireball outside. Looked out window, car on fire. New person running around excited. Told this to the police. They go away.

40 mins later police come back and arrest new person. This was Early hours Wednesday night. He been released under bail and sent back to hospital. The hospital staff come to house today and take all his belonging out his bedroom. Apparently police take all his clothes and swob his hands, search is room.

Now I feel the supported living company has put all our lives in danger by letting him move here. They knew he had past arson convictions. It would quite easily been the house with us in it, they have failed in their duty of care to protect us.

I’m very angry. They care company don’t care about us, they put profits before care. I’m worried about the next person they move in.

I would like to know if possible I can take this further? Who can I contact?


I don’t know whom to contact. That is so scary! They’ve definitely failed to protect you!


That’s funny. It took 3 cars ablaze for them to do anything.


I didn’t think cars were that flammable. Where was he/she lighting it?

What if this person had lit the house on fire =O


We feel let down by the care company, this is the second time they moved somebody in who was inappropriate, the other person lasted 9 weeks before he was removed. The care company only care about profits, they want the high care packages but these are more challenging and have an affect on other services users but they don’t care. The person who ‘allegedly’ set the car fires came from a forensic hospital where he had been for years for setting fires, he admitted that. This person moved here with 49 hours support per week. Now that’s alot of support from somebody who is very independent, can do everything himself. Only has a mild learning disability and takes no medication for mental health needs. He admits he gets violent when intoxicated.

I wrote to my MP. Took some time and worked it right and added burnt out car photo… I have also wrote to the housing association who owns the property to and voiced my concerns with them and said I want this to go further, asked them if they new about his past arson history?

I have a few questions.

Not being involved much with the police do they need much evidence to arrest somebody because I told them I heard the front door open and a little while later hear a loud whoosh then see the car on fire? I wouldn’t think that would be enough to arrest somebody plus they didn’t take a statement. Can they arrest people on past history alone, is that enough?

The police told a support worker that they’ve taken his cloths as evidence plus took hand swobs. Both fires started at the engine, now my housemate said he was wearing the same clothes all day. If somebody were to start a fire near a engine they’re would be some evidence on his clothes, right?

I hope they have a enough evidence and convict him because the care company would totally sweep all this under the carpet otherwise.


That’s crazy dude!


Sounds like something the media would take an interest in.


They are right that people can change and five years is considerably time enough to change, but this man seems so obviously guilty. He needs to be off the streets for the protection of others.


Glad you’re safe @bobbilly , and it wasn’t much worse.


He hadn’t committed a crime for 5 years as in those 5 years he was locked in a secure forensic rehabilitation unit for arson. Two weeks upon release two staff cars get set on fire outside my house literally 3 feet away from house… Funny that. The company are downplaying it saying he haven’t been convicted yet, might not be him ect but it’s more then a cohincdence. Police took all his clothing and done hand swabs, hoprfully they get some evidence.


I’m thinking about writing to the media.


I didn’t realize he was locked up for that 5 years. Surely, he had no opportunity, or desire, to prove himself.