@turningthepage isnt ginger?!

This whole time i thought he was…but no i stand corrected he just likes ginger hippie chicks…inappropriate joke you are what you eat…so im gonna go with you had a taste of your favorite drink…and by the official gingervitus rule book…page 41 article 3 lines 5 through 15…and i quote

“If thou so swap bodily fluids with a person afflicted by the gingervitus…so to shall you be infected with this gravest of afflictions.”

So never mind he is once again ginger…all hail the potato


lol except i never been with a ginger i just like em

one time i was with this blonde escort and i was like “i thought you were gonna be a redhead” and she said “why do you have a thing for redheads or something?” and i said “nooo…(then i thought to myself)” and ever since i realized i really liked redheads

but that was only like 2 1/2 years ago

and hot ginger hippies dont come around very often

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did you just say you were with an escort?

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Oh damit…just shatter my whole perception of you…dont meet your heroes kids…turns out their not gingers…even with a stretch of movie logic…

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second one was really hot

first one was interesting to talk to

Squaids is why. And I know someone who ruined his life by going to Mexico with a bunch of money for stuff like that.

oh well im not gonna do it again

i used protection both times

and it had to be done

i got laid once when i was 19 the natural way…but then like 4 years pass and your like “i only been laid once” and youre like pshhhhhhhh whatever

its fun actually


Yeah because all escorts are HIV positive junkies and whatnot… :rolling_eyes:


I did the same but it was thailand a few years ago. Risky biz lol . I’ll thank my reckless brain for that. Lucky nothing ever bad came of it

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The first girl I ever kissed was ginger. She was lovely.

Sounds like you have experience in the escort scene…


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Lol wtf…gingers to hookers in like 2 posts lol…how did that work…

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I think I might know what a potato is, but what’s a “ginger”.

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when I was young I hated my red hair and always dyed it and all my ginger family told me ‘you’ll love it one day’ and I was always like ‘yeah ooookay’ sarcastically but now I love my hair and never wanna dye/cut/brush it again!

I’m marrying a ginger! I have a huge thing for redheads.


I have auburn hair, which I don’t know if you gingers count that or not. The less time I spend in the sun, the browner it is. But in sunlight it’s fiery red.

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