Turning down the volume

I am surprised now at how loud noise contributes greatly to my stress levels. At our old apartment there used to be a constant rattle of police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, cars and motorcycles. We have much quieter place now and I have started elimating other sources of loud noises.

For a long time I had the bad habit of really pumping up the volume on my headphones. Now I am finding I can appreciate turning the volume way down to about 1/3 or 1/4 and let my ears adjust. It’s nice too because the sound is less distorted and I notice things in music I missed before. I also have some noise cancelation headphones that work well at filtering out the fridge and air/heat fans. At 52, I can still hear up to about 13kHz which I guess is average for my age and proof that I didn’t usually have money to attend a lot of loud concerts.

It’s odd how when I was younger and sicker I really craved loud noise to drown out the auditory hallucinations and paranoia but now I appreciate and seek silence and quieter tones more.

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I have noise cancelling over ear headphones that I used when I was in IT to block out all the noise of the office.

They work really well. I have had them for about 2-3 years and they only cost me £99.

The brand is Sony. I looked at Beats and Bose, but they were so over priced.

Sony ones are really good. You get a full 16 hour life out of the battery which I was impressed by, and they just bluetooth to my phone.

Now I work outside, if I need to focus I just use the standard Apple wired headphones in one ear. They get crapped up pretty quickly Landscaping.

The time I listen to loud music is in my van. At home I just have it on low through my laptop speakers.

My apartments used to be quieter, but someone new has moved in upstairs, and he makes a lot more knocking noises that really annoy me


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