Turning 40 in 2017

What are few people say when turning 40 on ForbesWoman:

Suzy Welch, 52, author of 10-10-10

In your 30s, you’re having a lot of varied experiences. You’re scrambling. You’re putting pieces in place. In your 40s, those pieces start to coalesce into knowledge about who you are and how life works.

Gretchen Rubin, 46, Author, The Happiness Project

The forties are the old age of youth, and the youth of old age

I am turning 40 in 2017.

39 years of essence in 88 phrases.

Do you have any advice for me?

How close are you to 40?

  1. I am older than you
  2. I am turning 40 soon
  3. I am much younger than you

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Just for fun!

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I turned 57 on Jan. 1.


i am 30 this year…:sunglasses:


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