Turned to alcohol today. Feel terrible

Was really stressed. Ended up getting blind drunk. Is no solution.

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Guess I’m lucky in a way, I hate the taste now and get bad migraines if i drink

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Enjoy man …!!! With or without alcohol …

I hate that.

Take some aspirin, get some sleep and shake it off.

You’ll be okay.


i had been contemplating doing this the past month. havnt drank in like 10 months. i know it wont be worth it though.
dont worry about it man


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Booze doesn’t solve anything really.


True. Gave my cash and cards to my sister so I can’t buy anymore alcohol this week.

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Unfortunately I’ve done this lately too.

A little extra NAC and theanine helps with the after effects.

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I’m sorry that you turned to booze.
There’s always tomorrow @Jimbob.

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