Turned down social meeting

I just turned my friend’s invitation to attend book presentation.I don’t feel safe around strange people.I can go yet,but wondering what you have to say.

If you dont feel safe and don’t want to go you did the right thing, unless you’re doing exposure therapy work with a therapist ignoring your feelings usually ends up in an unpleasant time, in my experience at least.

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I want to meet friends,but when I look at my flat with all meds scattered around room,dust and lack of insight what people think,I tend to keep a distance from people.

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Are you in any kind of therapy? If you are then you could make meeting friends one of your goals. I know it is scary and daunting at first, but I think you could do it!

No,I’m not in any group.Day metings at hospital don’t interest me.Here where I live there’s no place when sch/sz can meet.

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