Turn the SZ to Your Advantage

Think of all the benefits you get from having SZ: an imagination that surpasses by far that of the ordinary person’s; joyful resourcefulness required for living with this disease; farseeing perception of yourself and others, esp. of others; drugs that slow us down to a considerable degree so that we don’t have to be caught up in the mad whirl that is society today; heightened awareness; visionary thinking sometimes; understanding; patience to be alive with the SZ itself; emotional depth…etc., etc. (Also-doctors to deal with (what insight this gives!), hospitals (places to rest), police (treat them with respect), caring, solicitous loving family members, etc.); isolation (we don’t have to put up with a lot of people harming us in small ways). What a joy to be alive with SZ! You can make it a lifelong career!


Well how to I quit this job… Lol…


oh yeah, hahha, its brilliant isnt it :confused: :confounded: haha

This should be on recovery :smile:

You could say there was an up side to being on the Titanic - you get to ride on a magnificent passenger ship and see a spectacular accident that they will make movies about a century later.


Well if it isn’t @martinhersey With Some Words of Wisdom , , ,

Some Positivity From an Individual that Said " treat them with respect " , , ,

Well , How Do e(Y)e Saye thus , Yep Yep , From Experiences Peeps Have Shared and (OR) From Self Experience … ,

but On Another Topic of Your Post Here … ,

Positivity in and of itself , Soz if e(Y)e Am Looking Like a Complete Judgemental Type of Character … ,

but as e(Y)e See it here … ,

Lookin Good Mr. Hersey , Lookin Good … ,

Have a Great Dai ,

Hope to See More Wisdom Soon (!!!)

Drugs that steal my energy and make me overweight. Some advantage. I’d ditch that advantage if I could figure out how to without my cheese sliding off my cracker.