Turn the clock back 200-300 years [poll]

pretend you were well and you were living 200-300 years ago, in the 1700’s or 1800’s

do you think your sz would be more likely or less likely to develop compared to how it developed in your life today

  • my sz would have developed the same
  • my sz would be less likely to develop
  • my sz would be more likely to develop
  • i dont know

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I said more likely because because my predisposition to sza was triggered by immense stress. I see nothing but stress with no soft charmin toilet paper and no air conditioning. Lol. Of all the things that i could think of i couldnt picture having a chapped a$$ and having to ride a horse all day and all the while never getting relief from the heat. Plus if you got sick you could have almost died from the remedies let alone the illnesses. I would have been a complete wackjob in a constant state of horrible psychosis i would figure. But there would have been some definite benefits to living during that time as well. Good question @Resilient1!


idk, its a hard question because things were so different back then with no television or internet, no electricity or gas heating so i guess people had candles and wood burning stoves, the bedding was probably old sackcloth and straw or feathers if you were in money,

what you ate also affected your health more so diet would have been a big issue with most people having to just eat what they get and not what they choose, no supermarkets i think just farms who sold dairy and fowl or meat, veg, most people just lived on veg/bread though probably,

idk what people mental health would have been like back then although i heard a British king maybe George v or something went mad or something idk but thats all i know about mental illness back then except for the asylums, i would have been scared of places like that

I chose less likely because people were not exposed so much to the high achievers we see everyday on television, etc. and the advancements of society came be dumbfounding.

I developed sz from taking drugs and stimulants, I probably wouldn’t have had access to that. I would be in Africa so I would probably be able to make a life for myself doing subsistence farming and have a couple of wives on the side.

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Have had it as long as I can remember.The 1st memory I have of it was when I was 4. So it probably would have been the same.

how can you tell there all crazy back here in the 1800, no tv no radio just a bunch of mombleing fools looking for work no one wants to do…

i think being a women i would have been less stressed wouldn’t have gone to school and suffered the bullying i did… and hence id be fine.

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I would have had less exposure to strong skunk back then so prob less chance of precipitating SZ.

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Technology wasn’t nearly as advanced back then, and life wasn’t nearly as simple. Medicine was primitive at best. They bled you if you had the flu. Social mores were draconian. Slavery still existed. Societies were filled with people who thought that due to their birth they were entitled to treat average people like ■■■■. The effrontery of the upper classes back then was astonishing. In such a milieu it would be far more difficult to live, and to stay sane.

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thank God I wasn’t ill back then…they tied you or put you in cages. and there is no stablization ever. no thank you.

If it was in the 1700’s than it would less likely to develop. Don’t ask me why.
If it was the 1800’s it would be more likely. Don’t ask me why.

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Triggered by adderall. I would have been less likely to develop sz without modern medicine.