Turn manic while on aripiprazole and antidepressant?

Anybody have an issue of manic sysptoms while on aripiprazole and sertraline, or other ad of that matter? Since ive changed to aripiprazole ive been getting less and less sleep, eating less, getting up early and doing more. Just compared to olanzapine this is quite the shift.

they both can be activating. Talk to your treatment team as it can be an issue.

I couldnt imagine myself becoming manic on aripiprizole. Its definitely no where near as sedating as olanzapine though. But we are all different i guess.

I got manic on Lexapro and was up for two days. I told my pdoc and she lowered the Lexapro. I still have depression. I’m going to ask the pdoc is I can add vraylar to my ad. I saw an add on TV about adding it to an ad…

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