Turn for the worse

Hey guys! i know i havent posted on here for awhile but i have taken a turn for the worse. I spend (at least) 10 hours a day hallucinating it’s getting exhausting. I haven’t been this bad in years and idk where to turn.

Are you taking your medications? Call your doctor ASAP - first thing tomorrow morning.


Yeah I’m on two different anti-psychotics. I’ll call when I wake up,


I hope things get better for you.


I do hope that things get better for you @Drawingtocope - Hang in there


I haven’t been this bad in years and idk where to turn

Turn to your psychiatrist. Tell them everything.

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Sometimes your body adjusts to the APs and they quit working so you have to switch to something else.

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Just checking in on you—were you able to contact your doctor? I hope you’re feeling better.

I was able to reach my doctor but it takes forever to get into him :confused: I should see him by the end of next week though!

Sending hugs from up north. Hope yer feelin’ better soon! :heart:

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I’m glad you were able to reach your doctor. :slight_smile:
Take care.

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