Turkey V Chicken

No, actually. You make me angry. You aggravate the ■■■■ out of me. That is the opposite of happy.

I do, however, have a little fun taking you and your faux spirituality and weak platitudes down a few pegs. Say what you want, but I have been effective in the past. I have caused you to lose your serenity and lose your ■■■■ at me.

no is prefect

i have my flaws

I like most people

I don’t know what this means.

Do you mean “no one is perfect”?


but i am a good person kk

Right. Ok.


end of conversation ok

Sure. Whatever you like.

Where u from? am in ireland

I thought we were ending the conversation.

love never ends

Ew. Please don’t say you love me. That is very creepy for a stranger/man to say that to a woman online, and I will flag you for it if you don’t stop.

I meant love never ends with others

NOT us

it was a genral statement noting about u

It’s creepy. Don’t do it.

Thats ur opinon i ain’t creepy

so p off

Annnddd… there he goes. As soon as I say something that counters his narrow little world view, he resorts to violent comments.

If a woman tells her you’re creeping her out, you back off. Period. Don’t be that guy.

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