Tumbling down the stairs

Thanks to the voices distracting me, I ended up tumbling down the cement stairs located in front of my apartment building. My right shoulder took a beating, and then the back of my head hit the cement sidewalk at the bottom. The back of my head now feels like a giant sore pimple.

Any of you had a similar experience ?

Other than that, my computer kept on crashing every few minutes just recently.

Fortunately it did not crash during a Windows Health Check that found corrupted files and repaired them.

That fixed the problem. I did the usual access to the CMD under administrator, and then entered “sfc /scannow”. I would recommend that you do this too as well once and a while.

Press the Windows key. Now type “Command Prompt”. On the left click on “Run as Administer”. After that you type , “sfc /scannow”.

Now you just wait until it is finished. It will inform you of any corrupted files and that they have been repaired.


I’m sorry you got hurt but you type a lot more about your computer than you do yourself.

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You’re having a tough go at it right now. Geez! I hope it gets better for you.

Are you nauseous? Is your vision blurry? Do you have a bad headache? If so, seek treatment immediately

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No. No side effects. So it can’t be that bad. I will just let the body do the repairs.

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Ok. I’m relieved for you.

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And I love too. Ain’t we a loving people.

If you hit your head, I would go see a doctor ASAP

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Been there before. At the age of ten, I ended up in a go-cart accident.

Due to the brain damage, I went from the top of the class to the bottom and then failed a grade.

I could no longer accumulate knowledge as did others.

I instead focused on understanding rather than knowing. But the school system is based upon knowing rather than understanding, and so I failed.

But I chose to reveal that not knowing was not the same as not being intelligent.

You can see my videos at “KSP Special Relativity”, that a high school dropout, that being me, showing that one can do just as much as Albert Einstein, despite having no physics education at all.

There I am with a ceramic plate on the left side of my head explaining everything.

You should get it checked out by a Dr. The bump that feels like a giant pimple sounds worrisome.

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There has to be something wrong with you.

By today’s standards, no one gives a ■■■■.

But, that bump on the head reveals that you are special.


Love you big time.

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