Tumble related hygiene issue

Tumble related. So you’re thinking, why here? Tried lifting my left leg to see if I’d be able to get into the bath. Got it about a 1/3 of the way there, and it was too painful to continue. Strip washing as best I can.


What do you mean by tumble related @firemonkey?
I don’t understand

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Same here. What do you mean?

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Did you fall (take a tumble) and hurt your leg @firemonkey and are having trouble stepping into the tub?

2nd fall,in 8 days, this time getting into bed. Bum shuffled my way to the lounge but it took me ages to work out how to reach my mobile and phone my (s) daughter.She came and phoned ambulance service. It was touch and go whether I needed to be in hospital.The paramedics wanted to avoid that as it wouldn’t be good for me, but I had to show I could stand and move even if very slowly. I got extremely anxious, and fearful of falling. Went a bit hysterical, but eventually very nervously and very slowly made it to the toilet and back.

An emergency team will be coming in 2x a day. to make sure I can eat etc. My (s)daughter will cover the rest,but she has an important job as a branch manager of a home care agency.

We agreed the need to get one of those lifeline? pendants to hang round my neck.Surprisingly my bp was 122 over 70 odd 1st time and 120/70 odd the 2nd time.

I can’t praise the paramedics, and indeed my (s)daughter, enough #praise_for_NHS_workers #praise_for_my_stepdaughter

Now I just have to find the courage to move with no one here. The pain isn’t helping.


I mean I fell over . First time I hit my head against the bedroom wall in doing so. For some reason that really affected my upper left leg and knee. Then the second time my legs gave way trying to get into bed. Both falls have resulted in what would be called ‘muscle pain’ according to my (s)daughter. They had to be called out again,as it was looking like I wasn’t going to be safe enough to say at home. The second time there was a Scottish man, and Welsh woman. When my s/daughter mentioned I had autism and very likely dyspraxia, the Welsh woman’s attitude became rather contemptuous. Even more so when I mentioned the schizophrenia. The Scottish man noticed my s/daughter had brought a wheelchair up to my flat. He wanted to see how I cope using the wheelchair. I coped reasonably well. Well enough to stay at home.

Had hoped for better sleep after no sleep for the last 36 ours or so. Wasn’t to be. Was in bed by 7.30 pm. Slept till about 10pm. Then woke up needing to pee. Managed to that, but doing it really exacerbated the muscle pain. I struggled to get the p/ks that had been left out for me and get comfortable. Had the urge to do another pee around 2.15 am. Managed to get to the toilet about 45 minutes later. After doing so I couldn’t face the struggle to get back in bed. So I got up.

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I’m experiencing right arm and shoulder pain @firemonkey

The pain is affecting my muscles.

How old are you again @firemonkey?

In my case I think it has to do with my older age.

Im 57 years old

I’m 64 years old. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing pain too. I have always had not very good balance, coordination and gait, but I think a combination of age,like you, and being very sedentary has worsened things. My s/daughter says my confidence is low, and I’m very afraid of falling again. That is very true.

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Thanks @firemonkey and I’m sorry for your situation

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Slept better last night. Thorough OT/physio check. Most pain stems from right groin, and due to muscles being used that aren’t normally used. Equipment is going to be provided. Have to do exercises. Walked a short way with a zimmer frame.

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