Trying to trust

So something I have been trying lately that I am not really used to is trusting people and sharing my thoughts on things more. Usually I am pretty reserved or afraid of people stealing my ideas, but I’ve decided that it’s too much of a closed off way to live. It’s easy for me to NOT trust people. I can make up reasons why I think they are out to ruin me or just want to use me, but the fact is that real relationships are built on trust and sharing and working together. I think when I am closed off and not communicating with others on a real level I am just being self centered and only thinking about my well being instead of how the other person might feel. Also, worst case scenario is that someone abuses your trust or steals your idea, at least now you know who you can or can’t trust. I’d be interested to hear how you all deal with trust.


I was raised not to trust anyone by my grandfather. He was very paranoid and only liked doing things on his own. But eventually has I got older I realized that wasn’t the way of life for me so slowly I started coming out of my shell and expressing the way I felt so I could trust ppl responses

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