Trying to post to this section but not allowed

As not allowed to post links. Get told it’s because i’m a new user. Find this annoying/upsetting as anyone who knows me from the other board( i am using same user name) knows i am a bona fide poster.
There is no indication of how many posts are needed to qualify for being able to post links.
It feels like i am being branded a potential spammer/troll. Which is ridiculous given the number of news items i have contributed to


Sorry for the hassle. I know that because you post many great links - this is an issue.

One of the spam protection features is that new software is that it prevents new users from posting links immediately. You have to look at at least 15 messages, spend at least 15 minutes on the site, before you can post any links.

Check out some of the other messages - and spend a little time here and then try posting a link. I think it will work. Most users don’t start immediately posting links so normally I don’t think this is a big issue.

Is there a limit to how many posts one can make in a day ? I have just been told on trying to post that that function is not available for 20 hours.

I can’t find a limit to the number of posts (I’m still learning this software too) - but there is a max on the first day (24 hours) in terms of number of new topics you can create - I just bumped it up to 10 from 5, and there is a maximum number of posts that you can post on your first day - of 25. It increases the longer you’ve been on the site and the more you post.