Trying to keep it together

I have a doc appt today. Not a pdoc.i dont want to go. I have to force myself. I think my bf is cheating on me after i heard him say something aloud.i could be wrong. I dont have the mindset to put up with anyone much longer.

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I’m sorry you’re still struggling. I wish I could just wrap you up in a big blanket and give you a break from the chaos. I hope you’re not going to the doctor for anything serious. Or, rather, that whatever you’re going to the doctor for is able to be helped.

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yes you are certainly a stubborn one. lol

I force myself to do the things i know are good for me too.

maybe now i understand your last post better?

When i force myself to do what is good for me, I protest loudly, to myself only, but I go.

I can be in a bad mood sometimes about it. but it fades quick as soon as i walk out the door.

Maybe this describes you too???

Still cheering for you

What did your boyfriend say that made you so suspicious @roxanna ?

I was just being paranoid.


On the bus…


Hope you get home safely and feel a little better @roxanna.

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Just focus on the positives and not negatives. It’ll help tremendously

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