Trying to Get My Song to a Backdrop of This figure Skater

Okay, folks!

Play the figure skater video and pause it at the 20 second mark…mute Youtube…then click on my ballad above…then start the video.

It syncs up really nice! Let me know what you think!


I stumbled on this gal on Youtube…

She’s dancing like no one else is watching which is why i love it! :slight_smile:

cool. i used to turn the volume down on nba basketball games and play herbie mann memphis underground. synced up perfectly to the flow of the game.

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I’ll try and hook that up for ya, will send the video.

You can post it on your youtube channel

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Awesomeness! :call_me_hand:

I’m going to subscribe to this figure skater gal’s youtube account and ask her if it is okay to post my version of her performance once it is complete.


If this caper that I’m working on works out, we might all end up on the Ellen Show!

But I heard from another thread that Ellen is a tyrant…but whatevs! :wink:

This gal has 5000 hits for her performance over many years.

I think once Zwolfgang and I finish the project, she’ll get a million! :wink:

Heard it here first…

When this project is complete, it’s gonna be BIG!! :wink:

“Dance like nobody is watching”

That’s what this gal did! And it was wonderful! :sunny:

Sorry folks…

But I’m ‘zoning’ right now…peaking creatively. I’m buzzing! :sunny:

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