Trying to get my immune system up

This has raw honey on it along with butter and buckwheat pancakes


But what’s on your screen ? :thinking:

Foreigner immune system is very important to one’s well-being

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Dr Zen I read that taking vitamin c and zinc starting the couple weeks prior to surgery sped up recovery times and aided in wound healing. It has been my own personal experience that taking vitamin c and zinc speeds up wound healing. If you are so inclined maybe you could look into it.

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Dude I just had pancakes too lol :pancakes:

N e Hoo. . .

On A More Serious Note About Health And Psychological Recovery Attached To The Body.

I Know Thus.

It Is A Simplistic Process That Can Easily Be Afforded And Achieved.

    1. Take Daily Showers Or Bath’s.
    1. Drink Plenty Of Water.
    1. Take A Once A Day Vitamin Daily.
    1. Eat Less Portions & Choose Healthier Choices.
    1. Find At Least 15 to 30 Min.s Outside To Cleanse The Shadow.
    1. Rest And Do Nothing For At Least One Hour A Day.
    1. Communicate With Someone In Any Way At Least Once A Day.
    1. Enjoy Nature In Any Way You Can.
    1. Nurture Yourself Creatively.
    1. And Relax.

If You Swing On Thus Spiral You May Notice Positive Affects In Your Mood And Physicality.

It’s A Fun, And Creatively Challenging Way To Cope With Many Sad Parts Of Reality.

Plus It’s Commonsense. So What’s The Problem?.

DO IT (!!!).

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