Trying to get motivated

So I finished painting the dragon on my dragon and skull picture but I’m struggling with starting on the skull. I’m so close I just can’t get myself to paint at the moment.

Can we see the progress?

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Very happy for you that you advanced with your drawing.
There is no hurry, you can finish it later if you feel like you can’t now.

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It’s not the greatest but this is my first time trying something like this so I’m proud of myself.


at the moment I’m touching up the dragon

Right now, I’m trying to get motivated to take a shower. I live in Omaha, NE and it is darn cold here and I don’t like taking off my clothes to take a shower because of the cold. I just hate it. I’d much rather stay warm in my clothes. I haven’t showered in over a week now.

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It looks great. Sometimes you have to step away for awhile to get focused again. I’d listen to music or play a game of cards, then get back to it. Very nice painting. What are you doing around the exterior of the dragon?

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@Anonaccount Maybe you could put a towel over your shoulders as you take your clothes off so that you can still stay warm then you take it off and hop in the shower really fast that way you get your shower and there are minimal moments of discomfort.

@anon54386108 I’m gonna do chores then play a computer game for a bit. As for the exterior I’m not sure it’s a lot of empty space so it’s a lot of paint. I was thinking of just a plain black but I don’t know if I have that much black. Something that might be cool though is putting pieces of paper over the dragon to cover it and then flinging paint at the rest of the canvas to splatter paint it and the paper makes sure that I don’t get it on the dragon. Maybe use some oranges and yellows if I do that.

It’s Sunday again and once again I’m trying to get motivated to take a shower. I sooo don’t want to take a shower. I just hate showering and washing my hair. I don’t know why, I just do.

try to push yourself aint nice to smell bad one week and no shower is 2 much.
btw nice dragon

Your motivation will comeback, read what can you do to be inspired to draw , maybe going for a walk outside help , or reading motivational book, or watching as other draw , i am not motivated to draw at all, i am not interested in drawing just sometimes, i more have fun playing computer game . When i lost my motivation playing pc game i started going to play table tennis and it came back, maybe you should try some sport. Maybe shooting with bow would help if there is some possibilitties. I would love to shoot with bow but there is no where , maybe i try in a forest. And maybe i try mantra meditation,coz when i listen to mantra on youtube good things happen