Trying to find Support system to help us get connected and provide our best

Hello Everyone,

Since I was a child I could remember on how isolated I was due to troubles at home.
Today I’m an adult with no parents and I find that I’m a bit distressing because. When it comes to having struggles, as a man we tend to keep to ourselves. I’ve been like this for a quarter of my life. I do have difficulty dealing with stressors in everyday life. It cause me to have irrational thoughts and feelings.

I have been getting help medically, all the while meditating and writing.

I’m a veteran of Iraq and Afghan war. Since my time in service and transitioning into civilian life has been hard with dealing from rights of passage and lessons learned. Realizing that my thoughts that I had before where just irrational superman complex.

Connecting through the internet is great. BUT connecting to people like it was back in the 90’s is even better.

Sure from time, time we need our space.

I want to create a support group, in helping others get through tough times. Whether your civilian, active military, or veteran. Please feel free to join in and contribute in a positive manner.

Your not alone in the daily struggles and we all have our angles and demons. The only way to make it a better place is by making healthy relationships with those around you.

Remember “You are the sum up of the five people you mostly spend your time with.”-Jim Rohn

And smile you live longer.


good on you.
take care :alien: