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Why on earth did I act like I couldn’t read in elementary school? There was no rhyme or reason. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe you were afraid of being the center of attention if you had to read out loud?

I remember I didn’t find the classroom on my first day of elementary school. So I went home and then I made up a story that I got beat up on my way to school and that’s why I didn’t attend. Kids have a logic of their own I guess…

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My mom came in for a meeting about it. I still acted like I couldn’t read. Little did they know I was reading mice and men in secret. I’ve never been big on attention. The default response by most experts would be saying I was doing it for attention. I don’t understand isn’t everybody a body language expert. Surely I gave off some tells that I could read. I think I just did it because school was so damn boring. In middle school and high school I mastered the game. I’d get suspended just so I could stay home to play video games and watch sports. I’d like to think I was that smart. There was no rhyme or reason. It’s not even funny. :joy:

One teacher at a school I attended thought I was doing it for attention. She came up with something to give me all the attention in the world. I say ain’t a lot cause there ain’t no better way. Well everybody had a card taped to their desk. Then every time I say ain’t everybody would mark their card. It seemed to work and was an ingenious idea. It really didn’t. I just didn’t get in trouble because I wanted to play four square. If I remember correctly I was the best player. This was fifth grade the same year as 9/11.

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