Trying to feel good

Could you tell me What do you do to feel good?

I feel I am being attacked by negative feelings. My thoughts are positive. My beliefs are positive. I am optimistic.

But my feelings are negative.


Honestly, it sounds to me like you need to take time to sort that all out with a therapist

Welcome back by the way!

I feel I need to talk to people and try get into a deep talk of something meaningful and with purpose.


I hope you find that. Maybe someone here on the forum can have deep thought provoking conversation. Good luck :slight_smile:

Try posting a thoughtful or meaningful topic and maybe others will join

If you have some medical problems making you feel bad then id probably take care of them

If youre just unhappy id say try to read about virtue as being virtuous is what brings happiness.

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What you mean negative feelings? Towards what?

Very to the point. I agree

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Caused by my voices.


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