Trying to diagnose the 'Joker' only brings attention to what the film gets wrong about mental illness


I don’t understand how the character portrayed in that movie could go on to be Batman’s rival.

SPOILERS: This Joker doesn’t have any genius or creativity. The story comes off as “Taxi Driver in comic book land.” Also, this character is too old relative to Bruce Wayne as he appears briefly in the film. by the time this Bruce Wayne is ready to be Batman, the Joker will be too old to fight him.

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Agree. It’s basically “Taxi Driver” wedged into the DC Universe and done in a very poor manner. (I downloaded a cam rip.) It’s an okay film, but I don’t consider it to be part of the DC canon by any stretch.

he doesn’t have any mental illness clearly, he has his plan and he interacted normally , he is like “crazy”, but i would say more like a psychological problem , but unlike me, when i am paranoid i can barely interact with people,and behave weirdly , can’t concentrate

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The stand-alone Joker film is sort of like an Elseworlds Tale. It is not part of DC canon, and Phoenix will not portray the Joker in future DC films.

I like the idea of Elseworlds movies, but this was a strange way to go about it.

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This is the only part of the movie that kind of didn’t make sense to me.

They should have made Joker a young adult to coincide with the story line.

Er… The Joker is an incredibly talented chemical engineer in the comics (e.g. ‘Joker Venom’). Phoenix’ film character seems like he would have trouble brewing up a batch of fart spray.

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The ‘Gotham’ series has the best Joker storyline, imo.

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Phoenix was the driving force behind the movie and he wanted to play The Joker. That’s fine, his performance was intense. It was the script that wasn’t quite right.

DC should have convinced Phoenix to make the movie in a way that they could incorporate this Joker in the next Batman, starring the guy from Twilight of all things. It would have been great.

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