Trying to decide

So the random @ thingy not sure how many people saw it but I’m trying to decide if I should do it only once a week, a couple times a week, or everyday. I want your guys’ opinions because I don’t want to do it once a day and make a whole bunch of people annoyed so tell me what you think I should do but I want to at least do it once a week.

I guess I didn’t see all the posts ? what do you want to do all those times in the day.? what are you talking about.?

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Just saying hi this.

I was thinking that I could do more of this and just put random @'s and kind of say hi and hopefully cheer some people up if they are feeling down. This is also the first and only one I’ve done, but I wanna set up a schedule.

You are not harming anyone, once or twice a week I would think would be ok

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Mkay. I did that one on Tuesday so maybe Friday would be a good time to do another one?



Friday sounds good…really whenever you want or need.

It’s fun getting mentioned sometimes !

Do what 15151515

HI :slight_smile:

Do what you want. Just try and not do the @ thing with just my name like 50 times in a row and I have no problem with it.

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okay I won’t do that.

Good morning child of fate

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Good Morning Daze. Is that your christmas tree? It’s a really pretty one, I like how the lights aren’t one color. It would be really cool though if you could have the green twist up a little more and the red twist down so that they intersected in the middle. Sorry not trying to say that it’s bad right, that’s just my more creative side talking. Oh and you can just call me Fate. It’s easier than typing out my whole username.

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Yeah I get too frustrated