Trying to accept to receive disability benefit for the rest of my life

I have been working on and off for the most of my life, but now, when im 52 years old, it seems to difficult to live with my schizotypal disorder and keep a job at the same time. I have just been hospitalized with a depression and i am at the moment waiting for the MAO inhibitor (Isocarboxide)) to kick in.

I might have to accept disability advantage. I think i am strong enough to accept it, and i’m very inspired by all of you who live on disability and seem to live a live worth living. It’s not the end of the world.



Nothing that’s worth doing isn’t difficult to do

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It’s ok if you need it. I need it. Lots of people do.


Its difficult accepting not working anymore, but honestly i don’t think i have a choice anymore, but it’s still difficult to accept it

It will be if you have been working. The frustration of health getting in the way of being successful at work is hard too deal with.

My advice would always be try something new that you want to do, and you might solve a lot of your problems and still be able to earn a living.


I have a hard time not being able to work. I hate it. I was in the work force for a long time before I became disabled.


Yeah, i like to work. In my country there are some possibilities to work part time even if you are on disability. And who knows? The meds might work soon.

It can take a while for the meds to settle

My old job they were a mess, but we seemed to have arrived at an acceptable conclusion now thankfully

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yea i had to accept living on disability too, it isn’t easy but now i’m doing ok. I accepted it I think. I know i can’t work anymore and at first it was hard but now it’s better. Sometimes I feel like a burden though.

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