Trying some CBD pills today

I bought some 25mg cbd capsules (40 per bottle) to try, they arrived today will update if something good/bad happens already took one. Got it from a company who gives a 60% discount to those on disability… I didn’t apply for the discount yet because I just want to see if they help, if they do I will email them my disability paper work.

I read they can interact with certain meds like the risperidone I am on.

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I’m on risperidone too. I had a bad reaction to pot butter, so strong. I have always had a bad reaction to pot, even one hit paranoia and delusional. I did it for alot of years and messed myself up. I heard a guy take 3 drops of CBD and ended up in emergency room. Too high too exaggerated. Be careful…How did it go?? @MPgee

can you tell me the website?

Cbc seems to work the best as a sublingial liq uid. High doses work better than low and it gets expensive.

I had no problems as far as increased anxiety or paranoia but so far a bit of a calming effect but nothing to write home about… The capsule I bought have 0 thc its from hemp

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Thanks for sharing this source, I am going to try to get the 60% discount assistance as well. I wonder how you found this company I never knew that there were CBD assistance programs for people with disability.
CBD Assistance Program

a little calming is ok. but probably leaves you wanting more and your resistance will ^ up. that kinda thing scares me

I just tried smoking flower at 1% thc and 6.5% cbd for the first time trying anything with more than a negligible amount of cbd.

I agree, calming effect. Will help with morning anxiety. I do feel a slight buzz from the 1% thc, which hopefully wont turn into paranoia. :crossed_fingers:

Are they CBD derived from marijuana or CBD derived from hemp? From what I’m reading the CBD oil derived from hemp isn’t anything like CBD oil derived from marijuana (which one is legal and one isn’t.) A lot of places are “cashing in” on the CBD craze with hemp oil that apparently doesn’t do a darn thing compared to the real stuff. Any thoughts on this?

Report for day 2: Is not too great, mild headaches for about 3-4hrs after intake then slight increase in agitation & paranoia think i will discontinue use. I also think its due to conflict with risperidone… You can read more about known interactions here:

Trying this next L-Theanine

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