Trying out a weight loss magnetic toe ring…0…1c……
I found something like this on and since it was only like $2 I thought why not? I mean I’ve tried so many other things why not this… so far I don’t feel as hungry when I wear it… have any of you tried this? Has it worked for you?

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What are the side effects of Slimming Toe Ring? Possible Slimming Toe Ring side effects may include headache, toe discomfort and skin chafing, according to customers who’ve tried it. Slimming Toe Ring ingredients include a non-allergenic silicone-based ring that contains a neodymium magnet [1].

Hmmm I think diet and exercise seems the more sensible choice. Eat less move more.

I still am dieting and working out but I’m still gaining… I think.

For two dollars, why not. Let us know if it actually does anything! I’ve heard of copper bracelets for arthritis, but this is new to me.

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