Trying not to judge others

I know its not right to judge others. I have been judged by others. Maybe it’s human nature. My illness has somewhat skewed my sense of judgment. Wish to be myself and true to myself. If someone yells at me it is hard for me to forgive them. I think they are horrible people with no standards or morals.I have been called many horrendous things.

It’s impossible to not pass judgements, just be sure to not judge people til you really know them :wink:

I have no problem calling a spade a spade, if I know they’re a spade, but important to give everyone their fair chance.

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Why is this in unusual beliefs? I mean I suppose if making a statement was intended then it makes a lot of sense. I’m not a very judgmental person either, take people as they come on an individual basis and give em time as that is what it takes to know me.

Unfortunately what too many take is advantage, it’s everyone for themselves seemingly sometimes. I guess I grew up, because that’s when I would have pulled one over on you, as a kid. Lately I’ve been wondering if the majority of us ever really make it past freshman year of high school? During which I burned out.